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Chute iOS

Chute iOS is our new application to bring you best proxy experience in iOS devices.

With full support of DNS, proxy server and Chute VIF, Chute iOS making your iOS system work fully with proxy enabled.

Realtime Global Outbound

You could change the outbounds with Chute iOS application or Chute Today exntension.

Modify Configuration Anytime

Just like Chute macOS, you could modify configuration anytime you want, if your proxy is on, the confgiuration change will be switched immediately.

Chute VIF

With Chute Virtual Interface, all of your network traffic could be proxied. You can speed up your game experience with your proxy server.

Always On Support

You can turn on 'Always On' configuration to enabled proxy anytime when you using your phone. Chute will be enabled even after a system reboot.


Great features you'll love.

Chute is a network toolbox for powerusers and a high-performance HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy server. It is capable of intercepting and logging the summary of network traffics, and meanwhile transmitting the traffic to other proxy servers according to the flexible rule system. Multiple proxy protocols are supported including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, SOCK5 over TLS, Shadowsocks, ShadowsocksR, Trojan, VMess, VLESS.

High Performance & Stability

With enterprise-grade stability, Chute is designed to run uninterruptedly at high performance with minimum system resource consumption. Chute handles all the heavy-lifting on your network and leaves you worry-free.

Flexible Rule System

You can setup proxy forwarding rules based on domain, IP, GeoIP, Process Name, URL, etc. Surge will forward all requests based on the rules accordingly.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind.

Integration with iOS Version

Dashboard is able to connect to Chute iOS through WiFi or USB, monitor and analyze network requests on the iOS devices. You can even examine cellular network requests through USB.

HTTPS Decryption

HTTPS traffic can be decrypted by MitM. Certificate generator will help you generate CA certificate for debugging and make the certificate trusted by system.

Local DNS Mapping

Chute supports local-customized DNS mapping and has multiple functional modules, including wildcard, alias, custom DNS server and custom DoH service.

Up to Date

Chute supports all cutting edge capabilities of your devices and macOS, such as Dark Mode and Retina Display.
Apple Silicon device ready.

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